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The Relevance of Customer Experience in the Telecom Industry

Customer Experience is the key to building a competitive advantage in the telecommunications industry. New consumer requirements and standards are emerging with new norms introduced in telecom. Winning and ensuring customer loyalty depends on the quality and satisfaction of the service. Telecom is a massively competitive industry, for which customer experience management is critical, and...Read More
Emotional Branding

Emotional Branding – How does it work for your business?

Branding is all about connecting with customers to familiarise them with the specific product. Emotional branding is having those bonds strengthened at an emotional level. This bond between the product and the consumer is stickier. Emotional Branding is a constituent of branding, it deals specifically with the emotion of the customer that makes a direct...Read More

Want to truly understand your customers? Move beyond demographics using psychographics

How well do you really know your customers? Can you really say you understand everything about them –  right from what defines them as individuals from the general audience, to what makes them tick when choosing what to buy or what service to get? This is a clearly outlining process but one of the companies’...Read More